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Cybix has partnered up with, to offer our costumers a powerful software to engage with their customers. Follow these steps to sign up with

1. Head over to's page using our referral link.

2. Once we are there, we click on "Sign Up Free" and fill out the form.

3. Next, we choose our language and click on "Next: Create Property".

4. From here, we set out property details. In Site Name, you can type the name of your company/project. In Enter Site URL, type your website's domain address at Cybix. And in Enter Widget Name, you can type whatever you would like to identify this widget as. Once we have finished our 2nd step, we click on "Next: Team Members".

5. Here, you can add as many team members as you would like. doesn't charge for additional agents. You can add a team member as an Admin which will have full access to your property, or you can them as an agent. An agent has only access to all incoming chats and tickets created within

6. Our final step is installing the widget on our website. Cybix made this step easier, so the user doesn't have to go through the struggle of adding code or installing a widget. For this, click "Done" and read this article explaining how to add the widget on your website built using Cybix.

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